76 Graded Studies for Flute Book 1, No.14 Allegro 126 with Metronome by So Ka Hing Mario 蘇家慶

76 Graded Studies for Flute Book 1, No.14 Allegro 126 with Metronome by So Ka Hing Mario 蘇家慶

76 Graded Studies for Flute Book 1, No.14 Allegro 126 with Metronome by So Ka Hing Mario 蘇家慶

76 Graded Studies for Flute Book 1

Selected and edited bu Paul Harris & Sally Adams


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蘇家慶Mario,畢業於香港教育大學及浸會大學。自七歲起跟隨父親蘇錦棠學習長笛,師承林詠璋博士、Linda Stuckey及胡永彥。蘇氏亦跟隨蘇鼎昌博士學習作曲,宗小謙學習低音大提琴。蘇氏曾與彼得盧卡斯格拉夫、文生盧卡及Philippe Pierlot等長笛大師同台演出。蘇氏從小已活躍於本地音樂表演工作,現為香港弦樂團短笛首席。




自2021年成立 SoFlute YouTube Channel,致力推動香港長笛音樂發展。現為全香港最多人收看、訂閱及最多影片嘅長笛YouTuber 。

Mario So, graduated from The Education University of Hong Kong and Baptist University. He started learning flute with his father So Kam Tong at the age of seven, studying under Dr. LAM Wing Cheong, Linda Stuckey, and Matthew Wu. So also learned composition from Dr. So Ting Cheong and Double Bass from Eddie Zong. He has performed with several renowned flutists, including Peter Lukas Graf, Vincent Lucas, and Philippe Pierlot. So has been active in local music performances since childhood and is currently the Principal Piccolo of the Hong Kong Strings.

To promote local jazz music, he founded the Hong Kong Pop Jazz Band in 2004 and serves as the musical director.

So has also been involved in local advertising, recording, and concert productions multiple times, collaborating with singers such as William So, Denise Ho, Charmaine Fong, Janice Vidal, and Justin Lo.

In addition to performing, So is actively involved in music education with 28 years of teaching experience. He has taught in various primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and served as a conductor for wind bands, orchestras, and choirs. His students have achieved remarkable results in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and public competitions, often obtaining top three places. They have also achieved excellent results in examinations conducted by the Royal Academy of Music and Trinity College London.

Since 2021, So has established the SoFlute YouTube Channel, dedicated to promoting the development of flute music in Hong Kong. He is currently the most popular flute YouTuber in Hong Kong in terms of video views,subscriptions and number of video.

蘇マリオは、香港教育大学と浸会大学を卒業しました。彼は7歳の頃から父親の蘇錦棠にフルートを学び、Dr. LAM Wing Cheong、Linda Stuckey、Matthew Wuの指導を受けました。また、蘇氏は蘇鼎昌博士から作曲、宗小謙からダブルベースも学びました。彼はピーター・ルーカス・グラフ、Vincent Lucas、Philippe Pierlotなど、いくつかの著名なフルート奏者と共演しています。蘇氏は幼少期から地元の音楽パフォーマンスに積極的に参加し、現在は香港弦楽団のプリンシパルピッコロ奏者です。


蘇氏はまた、地元の広告、レコーディング、コンサート製作にも多数参加し、蘇氏はWilliam So、Denise Ho、Charmaine Fong、Janice Vidal、Justin Loなどと共演してきました。


2021年からは、蘇氏は香港のフルート音楽の発展を促進するためにSoFlute YouTubeチャンネルを立ち上げました。現在、蘇氏は動画再生回数やチャンネル登録数、動画数などの面で香港で最も人気のあるフルートYouTuberです。